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Workforce Scheduling

Driving efficiencies and customer services

The scheduling of on-site and mobile workforces can be a costly administrative task. Organisations are often 'planner-heavy' - sometimes having as many as 1 planner for every 2 resources planned. Scheduling technology can help improve decision making across the entire organisation - leading to an improved bottom line and happier workforce.

Integrated Workforce Scheduling & Optimisation Software

toc's workforce planning platform brings together multiple facets of scheduling your employees and staff. Our solution generates optimal plans for your workforce from long term 'what-if' scenario planning, to short real-time planning. Your planners can take advantage of our unique ability to replan as deviations occur - whilst respecting and minimising disruption to existing communicated schedules.

All your constraints - described, modelled and planned for

Our technology can take the headache and preferential bias out of planning your workforce's constraints. You provide your unique constraints such as skills, qualifications, working time preferences, regulatory requirements and availability. Our team build a planning solution using our Rubix Planning Engine that plans to your requirements and optimises to your targets.

Total Mobile Workforce Management + Scheduling

Together with toc's sister company, Insiris, we are able to offer a complete mobile workforce management and scheduling solution. With our combined platform your organisation can deliver one connected solution for designing, scheduling, dispatching and carrying out work in the field.


Trip Optimisation

Optimise your mobile workforce teams' through route and trip optimisation algorithms


Decision Support

Planning systems are more than algorithms - our tech can apply AI learning to support operator decision making


Multi Resource Optimisation

Break down the planning and optimisation of multiple orders to multiple resources, teams, groups or gangs

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