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Drive down costs with optimised scheduling technology

Rising fuel costs, not to mention rising compliance and legislative requirements, has placed incredible burdens on the vehicle fleet and trucking sectors in recent years. Delivering freight and cargo at the lowest possible cost whilst maintaining customer service levels and driver working time requirements is key. Optimised plans and schedules is crucial - but how do you prepare optimal routes and schedules and deal with inevitable last minute changes to resource and job requirements? 

Realistic Plans, re-optimised in real-time

Your vehicles are one of your most valuable resources. You need a partner that knows about modelling the constraints of vehicle dimensions, driver working hours, locations - not to mention traffic prediction and optimal trip routing. Your optimisation partner needs to integrate with your existing systems and present dynamic schedules in real time to planning teams for scenario planning and decision making. toc's advanced Optimisation Platform can transform your operation, driving down costs whilst providing your operation a competitive edge.

Realtime Optimisation

Adapt to changing circumstances to maximise customer satisfaction whilst cutting operational costs

Logistics Planning

Logistics Planning Software generates true value and supports business growth through optimal schedules

toc Optimisation Platform


Trip Optimisation

Optimise your mobile workforce teams' through route and trip optimisation algorithms


Realtime Planning

Adjust to changes in real-time whilst balancing the amount of disruption caused to plans that are underway


Route Optimisation

Take into account routing and traffic situations to generate optimal routes to minimise time, distance and cost


Seamless Integration

Integrate data from SAP, IBM and in house ERP and CRM systems to elimate double and re-keying

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