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Total Workforce Management

the optimisation company is the sister company to Insiris Limited, the industry experts in workforce management software.

We connect the dots and provide a seamless integrated Work Management solution

Organisations often have isolated planning problems that we can help solve.  Other businesses have scheduling requirements that are deeply connected to the design, management and execution of work by a workforce.  In addition to integrating with a number of back office systems, toc supports a complete end to end work management and scheduling solution for those people looking for a vertically integrated approach.  Our parent company, Insiris, have been pioneers in Work Management tech for over a decade and we are deeply integrated to provide a complete solution.

Manage, Design and Execute Work using the same platform

Our Work Management offering provides organisations with a turnkey solution to designing, managing, dispatching and carrying out work.  This functionality is delivered on the same platform as toc's Scheduling & Planning tech - one less integration and one less supplier to worry about.


Inject scheduling and optimisation opportunities in your work lifecycle

By providing an end to end solution that integrates work management and optimisation, means that we can take advantage of optimisation opportunities where a third party system couldn't.  Imagine deploying optimisation technology to your workers through handheld apps to guide them to localised, optimal decisions - even without a network connection.

1x Project Team. 1x Supplier.
1x Solution. 2x Cost Savings.

By choosing toc and Insiris to deliver a 'Total Workforce Management Package' of work management and scheduling reduces your risk, removes integration headaches, and provides you with opportunities for cost savings by dealing with just one supplier and one agreement.