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Supply & Demand Planning

Connect & optimise supply and demand

Optimising the flow of supply and demand is crucial for keeping costs low and profitability high. Whatever the type of demand - vehicles, services, capital or resources - our planning platform can assist with the optimisation of meeting the demand with your organisation's supply.

Modelling + Rules + Constraints + Targets = Efficiency

The supply and demand features of our Rubix Optimisation Engine provide the ability to model all areas of your organisation, and delegate the complexities of finding the most cost effective, KPI-driven schedule of work. We're industry agnostic, technology agnostic and have consistently delivered efficiency improvements with our customers.

Plan across multiple horizons

toc's scheduling systems and software can be configured to deal with any planning horizin. The engine is able to generate long term plans - to understand where pinch points in predicted supply and demand will arrive. Your planners can be empowered with the ability to make informed planning decisions days, or even weeks ahead of planning problems arriving - driving efficiency up and cost down.

Explore different plans

Our solutions enable controllers and planning teams to run powerful 'what-if' scenario plans to understand how changes in resource, supply or demand affect the long or short term schedule. Planners can relax constraints and rules to generate processes to deal with extraordinary circumstances, ensuring total preparation for any planning situation.


Capacity Planning

Understand what level of capacity is required in order to fulfil known and simulated demand requirements


Production Optimisation

Set the goals of your planning problem and our engine will produce an optimal production schedule


Scenario Planning

Generate different solutions to planning problems and quantitatively assess each one with scenario tools

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