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Field Service oriented organisations know that driving customer satisfaction - the primary driver of revenue growth and retention - can come at the expense of intelligent planning, and bottom line profit.


Giving planners the right scheduling tools gives service businesses the competitive edge to achieve both.

Workforce Scheduling

Manage the scheduling of workers taking into account shift patterns, skills matrices, multi team planning & more

Total Workforce Management

toc is uniquely placed to offer a total work management platform including dispatch, mobile apps and more

Customer Story

How toc plans thousands of work orders for VPS Group's Pan-European mobile workforce

Empower your Planners

to delight your customers

Customer oriented service organisations need to ensure planning and optimisation is carried out across the entire business. Field mobility technology, real time optimisation and intelligent disruption minimisation is key to delivering service levels that put you ahead of your competitors. toc's solutions provide this end to end visibility to supercharge operational responsiveness.


Our connected 'Total Workforce Management' offering ensures optimal utilisation of technicians, parts, equipment and vehicles to delight customers, maximise revenue and minimise operating costs.

Field Service

Your field service organisation knows that in your sector, customer satisfaction is the true driver of revenue and growth.  How do you keep ahead of your competition and deliver truly effective customer service, in an optimal, cost effective way?

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Security related field service operations, manguarding and patrol services are highly susceptible to operational inefficiencies.  How do you integrate scheduling technology to keep ahead of the competition and drive costs down?

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