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SaaS Hosted Platform

A seamless, off premise solution to optimisation

Whilst toc offers on premise solutions, we always recommend organisations consider our Cloud First, Hosted Services. We take care of all the required computing resources from our redundant, replicated data centres. You can benefit from our 24x7 help desk team, proactive monitoring of applications and secure, ISO27001 compliant hosted systems.

Upgrade your optimisation tech

With toc's SaaS Hosted Platform you'll also benefit from the latest developments and updates to our core technology offering. With optimisation technology that scales and supports your business growth, our Rubix Cloud customers benefit from automatic, no cost upgrades as part of your Optimisation Subscription.

Powerful Optimisation On Demand

As part of toc's SaaS Hosted offering, the Rubix Optimisation Engine is a massively distributed computing system. Through agreements with leading data center providers such as Google, toc leverages spare capacity in UK data centers to rapidly scale out computing resources required to solve any planning problem. This means lower operational cost for you with the ability to burst solving requirements as needed.

The most cost effective operating model

Because we've standardised the infrastructure, architecture and purchase resources required to run our customers in the cloud, you'll find our SaaS Hosted Platform Offering the most cost effective way to run your optimisation technology. Benefit from burstable computing resources and our engineering effort to keep infrastructure costs as low as possible.


Centralised Planning

Coordinate geographically separate locations for depot based allocation and planning of work


Integrated Planning

Optimisation projects require more than just tech - they need an approach that integrates technology & people


Seamless Integration

Integrate data from SAP, IBM and in house ERP and CRM systems to elimate double and re-keying

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