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Realtime Optimisation

What is Realtime Optimisation?

An out of date schedule or plan, is a redundant one - and one more likely to cost you money than save money. Real-time optimisation - such as that offered by our Rubix Optimisation Engine - is the solution to changing operational situations. Our Engine is able to generate an optimal plan and continue to be fed changing information. The engine continually replans, within a framework of tolerances, to keep your plan at its most optimal.

How 'real' is real-time?

We'll share a little secret - real-time is actually a sliding scale that can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. The most important element of real-time optimisation is responding to change, and creating a set of processes that allows your organisation to incorporate the changing landscape and new optimal plans. It's why our 360 Approach is so important - delivering new plans every 60 seconds is pointless if an organisation can't enact them.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Efficiency

A key facet of our our technology is balancing the effect of disruption against the uplift in operating efficiency. Our optimisation solutions are tailored to each organisation to respect an appropriate disruption factor. For Field Service for example, it might mean keeping plans locked outside of a 1 hour window; for automated manufacturing it could be as little as 60 seconds. Our experts work with you to determine how real-time we make our engine.

The importance of data

Garbage In, Garbage Out. It's a fundamental tenant of software and perfectly encapsulates the importance of gathering accurate, reliable data upon which our planning technology can operate. Our team work with your organisation to uncover and integrate up to date sources of data that influence planning decisions made by the optimisation engine. This is a key part of our 360 Approach - making sure your operations start efficient and stay efficient.


Realtime Planning

Adjust to changes in real-time whilst balancing the amount of disruption caused to plans that are underway


Centralised Planning

Coordinate geographically separate locations for depot based allocation and planning of work



Bring planning data out of spreadsheets, paper & planners' heads & into an organisation wide, visible platform

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