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Production Planning

A collaborative scheduling solution

toc's Planning and Optimisation Platform is able to model the most complex manufacturing processes - and automate the scheduling and planning of every aspect of production. We take a parternship, iterative approach to developing your planning platform, ensuring schedules are generated that meet or exceed your specific KPIs.

Optimise production resources to cut costs and deliver more

Rubix - our planning technology offering - provides manufacturing organisations the ability to generate master production schedules that span any horizon length. Your business equipment, rules, personnel, constraints are modelled in the system. The latest mathematical programming and optimisation algorithms sort through billions of possible solutions to deliver optimal schedules to your planning teams - in seconds, not days.

Turn complexity to your advantage

toc's optimisation solutions provide organisations with increased levels of control over production. Complex, dependencies and relationships between components of production are abstracted away into our Rubix Planning engine. These constraints are planned for in a consistent way using the power of computing technology to deliver optimal schedules to teams. Our engine is able to assign and combine orders based on resource and capacity demand to generate innovative production schedules that may never have been considered.

An integrated planning approach that delivers on efficiency

We recognise that technology platforms don't operate in isolation. We've developed seamless integrations with a number of ERP and back office systems. Our experienced engineering team have decades of experience integrating with all manner of back office systems. The result guarantees every data point in your existing IT systems can be considered by the planning engine to supercharge efficiency and reduce costs.


Production Optimisation

Set the goals of your planning problem and our engine will produce an optimal production schedule


Scenario Planning

Generate different solutions to planning problems and quantitatively assess each one with scenario tools


Capacity Planning

Understand what level of capacity is required in order to fulfil known and simulated demand requirements

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