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Supercharge Utilities planning with smart resource management

Delivering power to customers' homes is a vital service. Doing so in a heavily regulated market where customer service and outage minutes is actively monitored, in a profitable, efficient way is no small task. Effective management of your resources - both across the grid and out in the field at substation and customer sites requires intelligent allocation of staff and equipment. How do you better understand demand to help plan for strategic goals and give your planners access to real-time decision support to keep customers happy?

Optimal planning to minimise interruption to customers

Regulations and targets for energy DNOs and suppliers, set by Ofgem often form the basis for the planning and operational decisions made by power utilities organisations. With every supplier operating with thier own unique set of goals and constraints, you need an optimisation partner that can provide a real-time scheduling platform that plans for both reactive and proactive work, often delivered out in the field. toc can provide your organisation with a planning system build specifically for your organisation, that generates plans and schedules that satisfies regulatory requirements, whilst keeping costs low. Our planning technology seamlessly integrates with the leading Asset Management systems like SAP and Maximo so getting started has never been easier.

Realtime Optimisation

Adapt to changing circumstances to maximise customer satisfaction whilst cutting operational costs

Supply & Demand Planning

Accurately predict and extrapolate planning of supply & demand to guarantee sufficient resources at the right time

Our 360° Approach

Optimisation is more than just software - our holistic integrated approach reduces risk & guarantees results

toc Optimisation Platform


Constraint Optimisation

Our Rubix Optimisation Engine utilises the latest algorithms to solve any planning problem


Dependency Planning

Optimise your business dependency rules including follow on delays, sequencing and other constraints


Decision Support

Planning systems are more than algorithms - our tech can apply AI learning to support operator decision making


Integrated Planning

Optimisation projects require more than just tech - they need an approach that integrates technology & people

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