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Empower your planners to deliver intelligent sophisticated schedules

The pressures on postal and delivery operations have never been higher. Rising staff costs and poor utilisation of resources - including staff, vehicles and equipment - may mean organisations struggle to remain profitable. You need to ensure deliveries are successful and anticipated postal volumes are correctly estimated. How do you provide your planning teams with all the optimisation tools they need to make just-in-time, smart planning decisions?

A platform built for your Delivery operation

toc provides an entire toolbox of solutions to ensure your organisation maximises the efficiency of postal and express delivery services. A customisable planning model ensures a solution built specifically for your organisation. Visualisation software and tools expose critical operational planning decisions involving personel, customers and vehicles. Optimisation algorithms work in real-time to deliver highly efficient, realistic schedules. The result? A cost-effective, responsive service.

Logistics Planning

Logistics Planning Software generates true value and supports business growth through optimal schedules

Our 360° Approach

Optimisation is more than just software - our holistic integrated approach reduces risk & guarantees results

toc Optimisation Platform


Disruption Minimisation

Minimise the disruption to plans that change in realtime to ensure part enacted plans are not wasted


Realtime Planning

Adjust to changes in real-time whilst balancing the amount of disruption caused to plans that are underway


Planning Codification

Model your organisation exactly by codifying your set of working rules into our Rubix Planning Engine's model


Trip Optimisation

Optimise your mobile workforce teams' through route and trip optimisation algorithms

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