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Is your production schedule damaging your profits? Manufacturing production scheduling is one of the most complex areas of optimisation.


toc can deal with long term supply chain design & planning, inventory planning and master production planning to provide your organisation with growth and agility.

Production Planning

Optimise your production resources to achieve high throughput, low inventory costs and satisfy customers

Supply & Demand Planning

Accurately predict and extrapolate planning of supply & demand to guarantee sufficient resources at the right time

Client Story

How toc optimises production schedules and planning for Sytner CarShop's vehicle preparation facility

Plan for growth

and deal with changes instantly

Manufacturing businesses must deal with the complexities of supply chain design and planning, inbound inventory, master production scheduling and onward logistics planning. Very often each of these facets of production planning require tailored scheduling & optimisation. toc can assist with implementing technology to help find opportunities to combine orders, assign staff efficiently to production lines and plan inventory intelligently.


Our customers consistently report being able to do more with the same or less resources - leading to increased profits and a solid platform for business growth.


The changing landscape of new and used vehicle retailing has added additional requirements to optimise operational processes.  How does the automotive sector ensure vehicle manufacture and refurbishment operates efficiently?

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Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage manufacturers and suppliers require the very latest technology to manage supply chain planning and optimisation.  How do you increase the efficiency of manufacturing and keep costs low?

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Metal production and manufacturing must meet tight delivery schedules whilst managing complex production sequencing.  How do you maintain a sustainable, profitable business that delivers on time, every time?

Packed rolls of steel sheet, Cold rolled


The Packaging industry is highly competitive, requiring organisations involved in the manufacturing to keep low margins to remain attractive.  How do you optimise the entire supply chain to exceed KPIs and drive down costs?

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The chemical manufacturing is heavily dependent upon a smooth running supply chain.  How do you use optimisation technology to balance inventory levels, reduce operational costs and respond to changes in real-time?

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