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Logistics Planning

Increase operational efficiency & resource utilisation

Logistics operations - including those that incorporate the transit of goods and services - can benefit from toc's logistics planning software. Our intelligent platform helps guide your planning teams to intelligent decisions by providing global visibility of resource schedules. Execute on time, every time - whilst maintaining low costs.

Optimal plans that target customer satisfaction

The customer is very often at the centre of logistics organisations. Our Rubix optimisation engine understands your resources, supply, demand and uses the latest optimisation algorithms to generate plans and schedules that are cost effective and maximise your business KPIs - so you can drive on time deliveries, every time.

Transportation & Distribution Optimisation

When generating cost effective logistics schedules, you need a solution that understands transportation and road networks. Planning for route optimisation and trip optimisation is a key capability of our system. With toc, you'll experience superior delivery performance and gain new capability like multi resource planning and scheduling.

Strategic Planning

As your organisation grows you'll encounter questions, such as how many additional staff to hire, what level of vehicles and equipment is required and so on. We are hear to provide you with a planning partner that can help answer your questions through our team's expertise and our technology platform.


Route Optimisation

Take into account routing and traffic situations to generate optimal routes to minimise time, distance and cost


Disruption Minimisation

Minimise the disruption to plans that change in realtime to ensure part enacted plans are not wasted


KPI Based Planning

Our Rubix Planning Engine is able to explore planning solutions to minimise or maximise your specific KPIs

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