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IoT Enabled Planning

Connected Optimisation

It's predicted that by 2021 there will be 35 billion connected devices worldwide - growing 5 billion every year. Planning engines are only as good as the data fed in to them - accurate, up to date data is key to making optimal scheduling decisions. IoT Devices can provide a host of data points used by our optimisation platform to provide schedules and plans that manage resources efficiently.

Take advantage of our Big Data experience

toc's experience engineering team and specialists have a huge amount of experience working with large data sets. Our data scientists can utilise existing data sources your organisation may already employ to explore, filter and extract useful data that can be incorporated in making realtime and proactive planning decisions.

Integrate existing IoT Devices

Many organisations have existing IoT devices deployed in their organisation - from water utilities companies employing complex flow sensors, to logistics companies with vehicle tracking hardware. Our team can work with your organisation to integrate these devices as data sources into our Rubix Optimisation Engine. What the Engine sees, it can optimise.

Telematics + Scheduling

Together with toc's sister company, Insiris, we are able to offer telematics hardware and kit that can generate data in your premises, factory or out in the field. With our combined platform your organisation can deliver one connected solution for designing, scheduling, dispatching and carrying out work in the field.


IoT Aware Planning

Deploy remote telematics devices and integrate existing IoT data into planning algorithms


Dependency Planning

Optimise your business dependency rules including follow on delays, sequencing and other constraints


Integrated Planning

Optimisation projects require more than just tech - they need an approach that integrates technology & people

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