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Organisations that deliver infrastructure solutions often work in outsourced capacities where margin levels can be razor thin - and expectations sky high. There is increasing pressure to balance rising staff and operational costs with lower contract margins. Looking after assets out in the field and applying intelligent preventative maintenance to this equipment can pay dividends in reducing long term operating costs. How do you plan for the future and give planners decision guidance tools to generate highly efficient plans?

A platform that optimises your operations

The optimisation of your infrastructure services is a delicate balance between maximising profitability and exceeding your customer SLAs. toc provide an end to end solution for managing and optimising field and back office work. Give planners the visibility and tools to intelligently optimise job schedules. Re-plan in realtime taking into account changing service levels and shifting priorities. Guide planners with assisted decision making tools and scenario planning to explore alternative schedules. No matter your task, our optimisation platform can drive performance up and cost down.

Supply & Demand Planning

Accurately predict and extrapolate planning of supply & demand to guarantee sufficient resources at the right time

Logistics Planning

Logistics Planning Software generates true value and supports business growth through optimal schedules

toc Optimisation Platform


Constraint Optimisation

Our Rubix Optimisation Engine utilises the latest algorithms to solve any planning problem


Scenario Planning

Generate different solutions to planning problems and quantitatively assess each one with scenario tools


Multi Resource Optimisation

Break down the planning and optimisation of multiple orders to multiple resources, teams, groups or gangs



Bring planning data out of spreadsheets, paper & planners' heads & into an organisation wide, visible platform

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