Intelligent planning and optimisation can make the difference between a shipment delivered on time and an unhappy customer. Companies often experience growing pains when scaling their logistics operation - extra vehicles, people and deliveries.

Engineering & Construction

The scale of infrastructure, construction and quarrying operations mean huge complexities and constraints in the planning of supply, demand, workforce & transportation. Automating the planning and scheduling of these phases is key in driving efficiency up & costs down.


Field Service oriented organisations know that driving customer satisfaction - the primary driver of revenue growth and retention - can come at the expense of intelligent planning, and bottom line profit. Give planners the right scheduling tools to achieve more.

Energy, Utilities & Resources

Integrated planning technology is vital for those organisations dealing with the delivery of resources and infrastructure - be that power, natural resources or maritime.


toc can deal with long term supply chain design & planning, inventory planning and master production planning to provide your organisation with growth and agility.