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Food and Beverage manufacturers and suppliers require the very latest technology to manage supply chain planning and optimisation. From sourcing of supplier ingredients to manufacturing and onward logistical delivery: the intelligent planning of the entire manufacturing chain is a necessity. Improving efficiency whilst reducing costs is paramount in the sector and a failure to recognise the problems in maintaining slow or invisible planning can hurt your competitive edge. How do you increase the efficiency of manufacturing, delivery patterns and inventory management to cope with demand and keep costs low?

A platform that helps planners make optimal decisions

Our planning platform helps uncover the hidden elements in your supply chain operation - and ensure they are optimised and operating at peak efficiency. toc's expertise and technology gives your planning team the ability to respond in realtime to changing requirements and plan centrally to minimise inventory decay and waste. Scenario planning tools enable production and logistics teams to plan effectively for both long and short term horizons. Our unique platform ensures that your planning system is built and modelled entirely to your specification and unique processes and way of working. The result? A planning tool which amplifies your competitive edge driving up efficiency, reducing costs and taking advantage of new innovative food and beverage opportunities and products.

Production Planning

Optimise your production resources to achieve high throughput, low inventory costs and satisfy customers

Supply & Demand Planning

Accurately predict and extrapolate planning of supply & demand to guarantee sufficient resources at the right time

toc Optimisation Platform


Production Optimisation

Set the goals of your planning problem and our engine will produce an optimal production schedule


Dependency Planning

Optimise your business dependency rules including follow on delays, sequencing and other constraints


Decision Support

Planning systems are more than algorithms - our tech can apply AI learning to support operator decision making



Bring planning data out of spreadsheets, paper & planners' heads & into an organisation wide, visible platform

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