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Engineering & Construction

The Construction and Contracting industry typically operates on low levels of margin. The scale of infrastructure, construction and quarrying operations mean huge complexities and constraints in the planning of supply, demand, workforce & transportation.


Automating the planning and scheduling of these phases is key to driving efficiency up & costs down.

Supply & Demand Planning

Accurately predict and extrapolate planning of supply & demand to guarantee sufficient resources at the right time

Logistics Planning

Logistics Planning Software generates true value and supports business growth through optimal schedules

ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrate your back office ERP system with toc's platform to pull back office data into the platform

Smarter Scheduling

to optimise the flow of goods and services

Organisations that deal with the implementation of construction and infrastructure projects must deal with the planning of highly complex, interconnected processes and stages. Planning oversights and inefficiencies made in early stages can have compounding effects on later stages in the supply and delivery chain.


toc's platform offers planning teams the tools needed to plan work intelligently, manage constraints and solve logistical scheduling problems with ease. We offer expertise and technology to ensure seamless optimisation of operations resulting in lower costs and a competitive edge.


The scale of construction projects and operations mean huge complexities and constraints in the planning of supply, demand, workforce & transportation.  How do you schedule complex dependencies in supply chains?

building under construction with workers


Organisations that deliver infrastructure solutions often work in outsourced capacities where margin levels can be razor thin - and expectations sky high.  How do you plan for the future and generate efficient plans?

Expressway top view, Road traffic an imp

Quarrying & Mining

Focusing on the efficiency of your supply chain very often requires sophisticated technology.  How do you take advantage of planning technology to produce production and onward transport plans at the lowest possible cost?

Image of a tracked excavator in a quarry

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