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Energy, Utilities & Resources

Integrated planning technology is vital for those organisations dealing with the delivery of resources and infrastructure - be that power, natural resources or maritime.


Managing the complexities of satisfying customer demand, constraints and unpredictable resource supply can make meeting profitability levels difficult. toc is here to help.

Supply & Demand Planning

Accurately predict and extrapolate planning of supply & demand to guarantee sufficient resources at the right time

ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrate your back office ERP system with toc's platform to pull back office data into the platform

Client Story

How toc optimises pilotage schedules and rosters for the Port of London Authority

Optimise your Resources

to deliver outstanding customer service

Utility operators and those organisations managing freight and maritime operations are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less. Fluctuating supply in utilities along with increased pressure to maintain existing costs for end customers necessitates intelligent, automated scheduling and optimisation systems. Inefficient transportation of resources - whether by road, rail or sea - can severely impact organisation profitability and customer service.


toc's Optimisation and Planning solutions can help planning teams forecast and produce intelligent schedules of work in record time, satisfying regulatory requirements and expectations.

Power Generation

Delivering power to customers' homes is a vital service.  How do you better understand demand to help plan for strategic goals and give your planners access to real-time decision support to keep customers happy?

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Ports & Terminals

Port and terminal operations require the planning of a number of highly connected areas.  How do you ensure the efficient planning of the whole connected port operation to improve customer service and maximum utilisation?

Logistics and transportation of Containe

Water Supply & Treatment

Water 2020 has placed increasing pressure on companies.  How does a water company maintain existing costs of doing business whilst delivering more to customers and regulators?

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