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Smart optimisation of the construction

supply chain

The scale of construction projects and operations mean huge complexities and constraints in the planning of supply, demand, workforce & transportation. Planning to keep margins high and costs low whilst delivering projects on time and in budget can very often create plans with conflicting goals. Construction organisations need planning expertise, technology and tools that can optimise to achieve the KPIs that matter most. How do you visualise the planning landscape, schedule complex dependencies in supply chains whilst quickly responding to change?

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Automating the planning and scheduling of the phases of construction is key in driving efficiency up & costs down. toc uniquely combines the expertise of planning specialists to help design and deliver processes for planning, with our technology platform. Our tools enable construction organisations to visualise all activities in the construction network, helping to optimise the flow of goods through supply chains. Intelligent planning delivers opportunities to minimise costs and maximise profits to planning teams in real time.

Logistics Planning

Logistics Planning Software generates true value and supports business growth through optimal schedules

Workforce Scheduling

Manage the scheduling of workers taking into account shift patterns, skills matrices, multi team planning & more

toc Optimisation Platform


Centralised Planning

Coordinate geographically separate locations for depot based allocation and planning of work



Bring planning data out of spreadsheets, paper & planners' heads & into an organisation wide, visible platform


Realtime Planning

Adjust to changes in real-time whilst balancing the amount of disruption caused to plans that are underway


Asset Utilisation

Optimise sequencing & allocation of jobs, work orders & production to ensure maximum utilisation of tools & equipment

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