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Intelligent production planning

delivering global visibility

The chemical manufacturing is heavily dependent upon a smooth running supply chain. Being able to respond to change whilst maintaining visibility of supply and demand schedules is critical. The nature of chemical manufacture requires planning teams and production controllers to balance and run multiple planning horizons - short and long term. Raw resource availability has to be matched to customer demand, the balance of which is continually shifting. How do you use optimisation technology to balance inventory levels with demand, reduce operational costs and respond to changes in real-time?

Create production schedules that provide total visibility

Optimising chemical manufacturing operations involves carefully considering and quantifying KPIs to minimise costs and maintain high customer service levels. Our technology platform can work for your specific operation, modelling your planning problem in your domain and in your language. Our tech can provide real time scheduling for your planning teams - helping guide controllers toward optimal decisions using advanced decision assistance. Our planning engine can instantly replan to keep your schedule on track, whilst giving technicians the ability to create 'what-if' scenario plans for longer term planning horizons. Optimising productivity is the name of the game and toc's expertise won't fail to deliver.

Production Planning

Optimise your production resources to achieve high throughput, low inventory costs and satisfy customers

Supply & Demand Planning

Accurately predict and extrapolate planning of supply & demand to guarantee sufficient resources at the right time

toc Optimisation Platform


Production Optimisation

Set the goals of your planning problem and our engine will produce an optimal production schedule


Scenario Planning

Generate different solutions to planning problems and quantitatively assess each one with scenario tools


KPI Based Planning

Our Rubix Planning Engine is able to explore planning solutions to minimise or maximise your specific KPIs


Seamless Integration

Integrate data from SAP, IBM and in house ERP and CRM systems to elimate double and re-keying

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