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The changing landscape of new and used vehicle retailing has added additional requirements to optimise operational processes. Whether managing vehicle preparation centres, automotive manufacturing or retail outlet operations, automotive organisations benefit from optimisation and planning improvements. New optimisation and visualisation technology can save on operational costs, increasing margin levels whilst delivering high levels of customer service. How does the automotive sector ensure vehicle manufacture and refurbishment operates at peak efficiency?

Stay one step ahead with production optimisation solutions

toc has extensive experience optimising and managing work in vehicle preparation, manufacturing and retail environments. Understanding the entire supply chain from inbound supply to shop floor and factory operations is key. Planning technology can look to optimise supply and demand, whilst providing production controllers with visualisation tools and scenario planning functionality to schedule according to KPIs. Our planning platform can manage complex dependencies between resources, employees and equipment. Some simple examples include optimising vehicle ordering for painting - to minimise paint wastage from flushing. Our solution experts can help your organisation tease out efficiencies you may not know exist - giving you the competitive edge.

Production Planning

Optimise your production resources to achieve high throughput, low inventory costs and satisfy customers

Workforce Scheduling

Manage the scheduling of workers taking into account shift patterns, skills matrices, multi team planning & more

toc Optimisation Platform


Decision Support

Planning systems are more than algorithms - our tech can apply AI learning to support operator decision making


Planning Codification

Model your organisation exactly by codify your set of working rules into our Rubix Planning Engine's model


KPI Based Planning

Our Rubix Planning Engine is able to explore planning solutions to minimise or maximise your specific KPIs


IoT Aware Planning

Deploy remote telematics devices and integrate existing IoT data into planning algorithms

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